30/10/14 – 365 Challenge #303

Update to come

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Out Of The Woods

29/10/14 – 365 Challenge #302

After lunch Mum, Granny and I took Molly to the woods for a walk, and it looked Halloween style spooky, all foggy and creepy. Unfortunately my iPhone doesn’t tell the full story of how dreadful the weather was.

IMG_7032 IMG_7034

This evening Granny, Mum and I sat down to watch ‘The Proposal’, one of my favourite films of all time. Joe has half a dozen friends over for a campout, despite the awful weather – hopefully none of them are sick this time, and if they are, at least they’re outside!

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28/10/14 – 365 Challenge #301

Mum drove me to University this morning for my 9am workshop, and she went shopping in the city whilst I had my three hours of contact time. I managed to concentrate on and off for the duration, but I was shattered by the end. It was worth going in though as I met my dissertation supervisor and joined a group for my Strategic Management seminars.

Back home, we took Molly out and I opened my post, which was the majority of my Christmas present from Granny – the Legend series and the Darkest minds series (the third book is on its way).


My afternoon was spent reading, eBaying and trolling Twitter and Instagram for peoples opinions on 1989 – which for the record, I love!


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Welcome To 1989

27/10/14 – 365 Challenge #300

This morning I drove to Uni for my 11am lecture, of which I managed to concentrate for half of the time. If nothing else, it gave me the opportunity to catch up with a couple of friends I’ve hardly seen since the semester began. I then dropped both of them at their respective houses before driving to my flat. I was intent on working for an hour or so, but I couldn’t concentrate, so after a quick chat to a few of my flat mates I drove back home.

Granny made me a bacon sandwich and I opened my post, which included a £100 parking fine for a service station on the M5, where I had to leave my car when I was admitted to hospital in an ambulance (I am fuming at this, as my Dad had already written to them explaining the details of the case) and on a brighter note, Taylor Swift’s new album ‘1989’! And two books – ‘Half Bad’ and ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’.

It's time for 1989

It’s time for 1989

It's all so beautiful

It’s all so beautiful

Mum and Dad arrived home from their long weekend in France sometime after 4pm, so the three of us and Granny took Molly for a walk, and then we got an Indian takeaway for dinner.

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So Much For An Extra Hour

26/10/14 – 365 Challenge #299

Today began very early, courtesy of the clocks going back. It was my morning to walk Molly, so I got up at 6.45am (which Molly would have thought was 7.45am) to take the dog out with Granny, before tumbling back into bed for a few more hours sleep. Then it was time to walk the dog again! This time Joe tagged along and we went down to the woods by the lakes, where she ran freely for 30-40 minutes. It’s just starting to look autumnal.


Granny and I watched both of the tennis matches this afternoon; the finals in Basel and Valencia. Federer won in Switzerland (yes!) and Murray in Spain. I say we watched, she watched. I glanced up every once in a while, but otherwise was engrossed in other things, including reading ‘Fangirl’.


With Granny being here, I took advantage and ordered my Christmas presents from her, the Darkest Minds series and the Legend trilogy in hardback. I’m excited to read both. I also placed my first order with The Book Depository (which I heard about through instagram and YouTube last week) which consisted of a further four hardbacks, which either weren’t available on Amazon, or were more expensive there. I am adamant that November will be a book buying ban month.

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Bags of Books

25/10/14 – 365 Challenge #298

I had to sit in and wait all morning for the delivery of our new tumble dryer (“it’ll arrive between 9.30am-1.30pm” they said) which arrived in the early afternoon. Once it was installed (not in the desired place), Granny and I took Molly for a walk, had lunch and then settled down for an afternoon and evening in front of the tennis and a book or two.

I finished reading ‘PS, I Love You’ by Cecelia Ahern, which I enjoyed but I thought the ending missed an opportunity – with a death at the beginning, there should have been the birth of Sharon and John’s child at the end, rendering the novel cyclical. I then thought about trying to get into ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn, but I was too exhausted to try and think my way through that one, so instead I started reading ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell. I’ve heard a lot of good things about her books, and it certainly doesn’t require much brain power.

I received my order from The Book People around midday, but unfortunately I can only show you about half the books I purchased, as the rest are for presents. I received the first ten ‘Bourne’ books for £8.50, and thirteen mixed books (including ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’ and ‘The Lovely Bones’, which I am excited to read) for less than fifteen pounds.


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Groundhog Day

24/10/14 – 365 Challenge #297

First thing this morning I had a hospital appointment for an abdomen ultrasound, to see if they could further determine the problem I’ve been having. Mum and Granny accompanied me (I can’t stand hospitals!) and thankfully there doesn’t seem to be anything overly problematic. I’ve just got to have a couple more GP follow ups and blood tests over the next few weeks, and then hopefully I’ll be in the clear!

The three of us then went into town to have a coffee, and some breakfast for me, as I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink before my scan. Mum left before 10.30am to meet Dad, as they’re off to France for a long weekend. Granny and I went to M&S so that she could do some shopping, and then to Waterstones, where she wanted to buy a couple of books for my nine and ten year old cousins. I of course got sidetracked, and picked up ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio and ‘More Than This’ by Patrick Ness, which Granny kindly bought for me – thank you Granny!

When we almost home I mentally calculated that we had been overcharged in Waterstones (my two books were buy one get one half price, but we had been charged full price for both) so at 4.30pm (after walking the dog) we headed back into town to get that all important £4 refund for my Granny. I got sidetracked once more and came home with ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ and ‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ by Stephanie Perkins. We also stopped at M&S again, where we bought some food, and Granny bought a jumper.


On the way home we stopped at the fish and chip shop to get dinner (where they forgot Joe’s sausage), and we then spent the evening in the same manner as much of the afternoon; watching the tennis. I also introduced Granny to Gogglebox, but I don’t think she was too impressed. I think tomorrow calls for a more relaxed day.

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