Getting Creative

22/10/14 – 365 Challenge #295

I got my results back from my doctor this morning, and things are finally looking up, as there’s improvement! I was, and am, so relieved to hear that.

I got quite a lot of mail this morning, including: some colourful tabs to mark quotes I like in books, Taylor Swift’s CD single ‘Shake It Off’, three packets of photos which I ordered last week and two parcels containing one book each. The first one was ‘Harry Potter: The Creature Vault’ which looks so exciting, but I’ve yet to open the wrapping, it feels too final. The second one was my 3rd parcel from Goldsboro Books, ‘Us’ by David Nicholls, which is a signed first edition copy.


After lunch I walked Molly with Mum, then settled down to start work on what I’m intending will be ‘My Year In Photos’ arranged in a collage format in a scrapbook. Some days I’ve taken multiple photos, but I’ve limited myself to one or two photos a day for the book. After going to the Post Office, running one or two other errands, and picking Granny up from the station, I sat down again (with Mum for some of the time) and have completed my initial step of days 1-5. It certainly looks like it’s going to take me hours and hours, if not days and days to complete!


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A Day In Bed

21/10/14 – 365 Challenge #294

I managed to sleep almost solidly until gone midday. I was absolutely exhausted from yesterday, and that has taken its tole on me all day, and as a result I didn’t go in to university for my lecture. In the back of my mind I have been waiting for a phone call from my doctor with my latest blood test results, but it has yet to come which is making me paranoid.

I found a website called TheBookPeople purely by chance, and I was amazed at the books they offer at the prices they do. In the end I placed a rather large order – I bought 48 books for less than £50 – including some big names! I later also placed an order on Amazon for a further four books (and One Direction’s latest single).

This evening Mum and I watched two episodes of ‘Prison Break’. Next up is the final episode of Season 2 – no spoilers please.


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Goodreads (and Badreads)

20/10/14 – 365 Challenge #293

I went to Uni early this morning for a 9am group meeting for ‘Consumer Research’, followed by my ‘Strategic Management’ lecture. By the time I arrived home at 1pm, I was exhausted.

In the free hour between my meeting and lecture, I listened to some more of the ‘Eragon’ audiobook, which I subsequently finished just before dinner. That marks my 24th book read in 2014, and means I’ve met my Goodreads target. I have to say though, I seriously struggled with ‘Eragon’ (that much is apparent by the sheer fact I started the novel in September 2013). It didn’t grip me at all – thank goodness I found the audiobook or I fear it would have been another year before I finally got through it!


Having just read such a heavy book, I decided my next read (despite being partway through ‘A Clash of Kings’, ‘Bared to You’ and ‘Gone Girl’) would be ‘PS, I Love You’ by Cecelia Ahern. I love her books, but it has been years since I’ve read one. I figured I’d start at the beginning.



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19/10/14 – 365 Challenge #292

With a little help from my Mum, I cracked on with tidying my bedroom today, and it is now cleaner and neater than it has been in months! Unfortunately I have far too much stuff for everything to have a defined place, so there is still a great amount of books/CDs/DVDs/toys which are either hidden away under my bed, or are on the landing. My room looks good though!


Since I inadvertently purchased Amazon Prime six months ago (thankfully at the student rate of half-price), I am not unaccustomed to receiving parcels on a Sunday. Yesterday I ordered two books, Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant and Endgame: The Calling by James Frey. The other two books arrived yesterday, so this is my weekend book haul (they are all 1st editions). My current October total stands at 37 books. Crazy.


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18/10/14 – 365 Challenge #291

This afternoon we took Joe to his away football match, and we spent a couple of hours walking Molly (who kept stealing other dogs, and kids, balls) and running errands whilst he was playing. Mum and Dad bought a new vacuum, and we took Molly to Pets at Home to buy her a reflective jacket for walking her at morning and night, as it is becoming increasingly dark and difficult to see her.

I’ve finally got into listening to my ‘A Clash of Kings’ audiobook – I listened to over an hour today in the car – which is helping me to make some headway into this monster of a book, which I want to have read by the end of 2014.

After dinner, Dad picked up my new issue of ‘The Economist’, which I subscribed to at the beginning of the summer, and the main article (quite rightly) is on the Ebola outbreak, and we spent a good half an hour discussing world events – the journal/magazine is very good at outlining all current issues. We’re both agreed that more needs to be done to tackle the virus which poses a gigantic threat to the human race.


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Stand Up To Cancer

17/10/14 – 365 Challenge #290

Late this afternoon I had a doctors appointment for a follow up blood test, prior to my scan in hospital next week. Hopefully the results will show some improvement over a fortnight ago.

This evening Dad brought a Chinese takeaway home for him, Mum and I – Joe’s been out with friends – and then we watched Stand Up To Cancer. The stories are completely heart breaking and we all broke down in flood of tears. Two £10 donations later, we are still miserable, but every penny counts! Gogglebox was the best (as always), followed by Taylor Swift and Jamie Oliver. I had no idea what to expect from that sketch, and it surprised me greatly, but it’s Taylor!


Anyone wanting to donate to Stand Up To Cancer can text FIVE (£5) or TEN (£10) to 70404. Please dig deep so we can beat this deadly disease sooner rather than later.


Here’s a sneaky photo of a book haul I might have got today. The front five are first editions (Isla is in paperback, but the rest are hardback).

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16/10/14 – 365 Challenge #289

I woke up earlier this morning as tickets to see The Vamps in their 2015 tour went on presale at 10am. I managed to snap up two front block tickets (not pit) for Birmingham, so hopefully I’ll be able to go to that, having missed out on seeing them in Cardiff last week through illness.

I received a few packages today, one of which was the six books I’d ordered from Amazon on Tuesday night. They cost less than £20, which I view as a bargain!


This afternoon I was overcome with the urge to sort out my Build-A-Bears, which I began listing on eBay, and my bookcase, which soon led to sorting out all my books which I keep under my bed. I’m by no means finished, (as my bookcase isn’t large enough to house all of my books), but I have made some progress into sorting it out.


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