Explaining It All

21/08/14 – 365 Challenge #233

A book I’d ordered whilst on holiday arrived today: ‘Melissa Explains It All’ by Melissa Joan Hart (aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch – if you’re part of my generation). Despite having three other books on the go, I picked it up, read the introduction, and the rest, as they say, is history. I am loving reading something so very different to everything I’ve read over the last few years. As an autobiography, I’m generally wary of tedious anecdotes over 600 or so pages, but this is fast paced, witty and interesting. As far as I currently am into the book, I’d certainly recommend it.


This evening Mum, Dad and I watched the one-year-on review of ‘Educating Yorkshire’. We were re-introduced to some of the (real-life) characters we grew to love last year, and how much they’ve matured in the last 12 months. It was fitting as well that it was aired on the day of GCSE results (yes, they filmed that section today and edited it into the program). I’m going to miss those kids. Still, ‘Educating the East-End’ starts soon…


N.B. I’m feeling about 80% better than yesterday, thus I am deducing it is my peroxide making me feel ill. Cue another night without it.

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20/08/14 – 365 Challenge #232

I’ve been trying (and failing) to get into ‘A Study In Scarlet’ today. Although it is actually a relatively short novel (George R. R. Martin, take note) it seems to be messing with my brain a little. Every page feels like a chapter to me. I’m probably just whining. I’ll get there.


It hasn’t helped that today I’ve been experiencing the same symptoms as I did approximately four weeks ago (no, it’s not what you think – see here for more information). Thankfully it wasn’t to the same extent as last month, but I do think I’ve figured out the problem – it’s looking like it’s my teeth whitening fluid (peroxide). Last night I left it in for around 10 hours, which is probably too long in anyone’s book. Ditto last time. I’m going to forego it for a night or so to see if my symptoms disappear. I’ve had two different allergy tablets in the meantime.

Today really called for bucket loads of TV, my joggers, a hoodie and green tea. Check.


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Seeing The Unseen

19/08/14 – 365 Challenge #231

Today I moved into my 3rd year University flat. Well, I moved some of my belongings in.

Mum and I spent the morning packing the car with bags full of pots, pans, dishes, glasses and cleaning equipment, as well as three packed boxes of books and stationary. And a rug.

The afternoon was then spent unpacking it at the flat. The flat I had yet to view.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to move into a place (even just for a year) if they haven’t viewed it themselves, but in this case, my friends did a good job! We have a 3rd/top floor flat only a 5-10 minute walk from campus. With there being seven of us, each of us with different requirements, you’d think it would be hard to find accommodation we were all happy with – well it would’ve been had we not signed for September last autumn.

I am on the top floor, next to Lucy, with my necessary en-suite. The bedrooms are a little bigger than our 2nd year house, and the en-suites are approximately double the size. Sure, there are flaws, (there are with any house, let alone any student house), the roof window is so high up I can barely see out of it (this is in part also an issue of my height), there is a three foot square section blocked out in the middle of my room (Mum and I assumed it’s the chimney, as it was considerably warmer in that room) and our communal space doesn’t include a sofa. So what? It’s large, in the perfect location and has (almost) everything we could need. Palatial, as my Dad would say.


The first photo of Flat 3, Room 7

I move in for good, along with the majority of my housemates, in mid-September. Whilst I can’t believe it’s my final year as an Undergraduate, I’m looking forward to the challenge (I think) and making some amazing memories with my flatmates and my friends.

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18/08/14 – 365 Challenge #230

Today was a lazy, TV watching day. I got through 3 episodes of ‘Lost’, which I picked up watching just today (season 3), 2 episodes of ‘Prison Break’  and 1.5 episodes of ‘Emmerdale’ with Mum. Sometimes you just need to do nothing, enjoy it and forget about what you should be doing.


I did have a productive hour or so, listing some items on eBay – one of which sold only hours later for £70, my 3DS and a game that have been (metaphorically) gathering dust. Any money is better than no money. I spent half an hour or so packing the five items I’ve sold to send off tomorrow. I actually find it quite therapeutic.

10pm was the time I was looking forward to all day. Taylor Swift’s livestream.


I was anticipating a new single, followed by a new album, and that was exactly what we got! And a video for the single – Shake It Off – which by the way is amazing!

The album, 1989 (the year of Taylor’s birth), is her first fully ‘pop’ album, and it has a release date of October 27th. Less than 10 weeks away.


I think I love Ms. Swift even more, if that’s even possible.

Goodbye RED. Hello 1989.

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What Sundays Are For

17/08/14 – 365 Challenge #229

This morning, after a much needed lie-in followed by poached eggs on toast, I headed out with Mum and Dad to walk Molly in the woods again. Clearly third time’s the charm, as I was much more relaxed and actually enjoyed the walk for once (it did help that Molly too has become more relaxed).

Back home, we sat down to Sunday lunch – not a traditional lunch since my parents are not fans. This was followed by an impromptu baking session. Mum made a lemon cake, whilst I made my favourite Marshmallow Fluff cookies. I’ve always struggled to find a recipe that makes them gooey in the middle, but I think I’m almost there thanks to one from the BBC.


Our evening consisted of tea, cake and cookies, before watching The Sixth Sense – a film I’ve never seen before. It really was quite good (it did feel slightly dated though) and I was pretty shocked with the twist at the end. This is certainly what Sundays are for!

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The Quickest Day Of The Week

16/08/14 – 365 Challenge #228

How do Saturdays go by so fast? Whether you’re rushed off your feet or putting your feet up, the day just whizzes by.

This morning, after we’d dropped Joe off for his first football training of the season, Mum, Dad and I headed into town to run a few errands, and then to take Molly for a run around in the park.

Then it was back to pick Joe up, rush home and get ready to go out again – this time bound for Bristol. It’s game day.

After City’s shocking performance on Tuesday night, I really wasn’t expecting much, and I wasn’t overly excited to go. We got stuck in terrible traffic, which resulted in us arriving at the stadium once the match had already kicked off. A few minutes later we were a goal down. Thankfully we picked it up after half-time, and we came away (early – we left the ground 5 minutes before time) with a 2-1 victory. That makes 2/2 wins in the league, and Bristol are top of the table!

Then came the hour long drive home, sorting Molly out (the only photo I took today was one of her trotting around the back yard carrying a football – shows how manic today has felt), and then steak and chips for dinner.


We caught an hour of TV in the evening, but it’s fair to say that the day has been pretty hectic! I’m hoping for a slower paced Sunday…

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The Wild

15/08/14 – 365 Challenge #227

After lunch, Mum, Joe and I took Molly for a walk in another wood a few miles from our home: take 2 of letting her off the lead. With there being three of us, and Molly behaving so well 99% of the time when we first let her off a couple of days ago, I was slightly more relaxed (I decided to forego the treat, but the whistle remained firmly in my hand).

We probably walked for 30-40 minutes with Molly off the lead, and despite a couple of tense minutes here and there, she was perfectly well behaved! I even managed to snap a photo of all four of us on a mini stone bridge by the river. And then one of Joe climbing trees over the river. I must’ve been more relaxed.


Following the completion of The Maze Runner early this morning (gone 1am), which I thoroughly enjoyed, I’ve been getting stuck into my next read: A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. Technically I began it this time last year, but I couldn’t even get past the prologue. That was probably because I had just read A Game Of Thrones immediately before starting the second one, a common mistake for me. I need variety, hence why I can never read a series all in one go. This time it looks more promising though. I’m banking on having finished it by the end of the year (other books will be read alongside it. It’s too heavy not to have some light reading to accompany it).

This evening, following a takeaway Pizza Express (Joe’s choice for doing well in his AS results yesterday), we finally got around to watching Divergent. Despite a few interruptions from Molly, I think everyone enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the film, which I thought was true to the book, but the second half left me slightly disappointed. I just thought the movie could have conveyed the emotion and the “war” better than it did.

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