University Calling

21/09/14 – 365 Challenge #264

Update to come

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Book Nerd

20/09/14 – 365 Challenge #263

Mum and Dad were away at a French property show in London all day (they left early in the morning and arrived home around 8pm), and I was woken to the news that Molly had been very ill in the night and so could I please mop the floor. Thus 8-11am was spent mopping the floor, and then ensuring that Molly didn’t get ill again by trying to lick the disinfectant/bleach.

Thankfully my afternoon was slightly more relaxing. I spent a good couple of hours searching on Abe Books (my new favourite site after my 1/1 Cuckoo’s Calling discovery for £3.38!) for 1st/signed editions. I came across two more 1st editions of Cuckoo (although you can never tell if they’re real until they arrive, so I’m reserving my joy!), 1st editions of The Host by Stephanie Meyer, and The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, and a signed (possibly 1st edition) of The Armageddon Rag by George R.R. Martin – all for less than £15. I also pre-ordered a signed copy of The Mime Order (the follow-up to The Bone Season) from Waterstones. Yes, I’m obsessed.


Dinner was a ‘posh’ microwave meal from Cook, Linguine Carbonara with mushrooms and bacon, which for the record was worth the £10 price-tag! Joe and I ate dinner whilst the football results were coming in (Bristol drew 3-3 away at Fleetwood, despite being 3-1 up – still, we are unbeaten and top of the league so I can’t complain!)

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19/09/14 – 365 Challenge #262

Update to come

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The ‘Issues’ of ‘Missing You’

18/09/14 – 365 Challenge #261

Tonight I was supposed to be in Cardiff watching The Saturdays performing, but after a long 24 hour decision making process, (including discussions with Mum and my friend Lucinda who I was due to go with), I decided it wasn’t worth the possibility of feeling worse, especially since lectures start at University on Monday! It is, however, extremely annoying that it’s likely I won’t see Lucinda until Christmas break. Good luck at Brighton, Lu!

My mood lifted considerably when I received a get well card through the mail from my friend Gaby. She is literally the cutest person in the world! Thank you, Gabs.


Since I have no ‘light’ reading on my current reading list, (meaning I am struggling through ‘Eragon’, ‘A Clash of Kings’ and ‘A Study In Scarlet’), I decided to read one of the books on the BBC Big Read list that was a little easier on the brain: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I demolished it in a couple of hours, and I genuinely forgot how witty and interesting it was! That makes 17 books read, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to get back to the heavy stuff yet.


Just when I thought that no more immediate family members could be struck down with some form of illness (the four of us are all struggling), Molly (our nine month old puppy) was sick today, and isn’t herself at all. Oh dear… Lots of cuddles and early nights are on the cards for all five of us now.

N.B. When we wake up in the morning, we will learn whether Scotland is an independent nation or still a part of the United Kingdom. I for one am hopeful that we’ll remain one state, and it would be a travesty if one quarter of our united nation left.
N.B. Those of you who are fellow The Saturdays fans will, I hope, appreciate my effort of explaining my emotions with the help of two The Saturdays hits. It’s not quite the same as seeing them live though, is it?!

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17/09/14 – 365 Challenge #260

Update to come

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Sally Barker

16/09/14 – 365 Challenge #259

Update to come

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15/09/14 – 365 Challenge #258

After brunch (spaghetti on toast with grated cheese), Mum and I walked Molly in the woods, and even found time for a quick photo of puppy and I. I’m slowly beginning to trust Molly more when we’re out with her off the lead, but should she see a rabbit, or indeed a bird, she’s off like a shot.


Having been home (and ill) since Tuesday, it’s fair to say that I haven’t got around to unpacking my suitcase or purchases from my trip North. Today I completed the (albeit small task) of ensuring my new collection of Harry Potter books made it safely onto a bookshelf in the spare room, as they are my 21st birthday present from Granny! They look absolutely gorgeous.


This evening we sat down with ice cream, tea and ‘Meet the Fockers’, which I’ve found to be very funny every time I’ve watched it since it was released 10 years ago! I can’t believe I was 10 when I watched it in the cinema – it makes me cringe thinking about it now.

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