Flight of the Mockingjay

23/11/14 – 365 Challenge #327

I had intended to entitle this post: “It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart”, one of my favourite, and most poignant quotes from ‘Mockingjay’, but the sheer length of it made me shudder, so I settled for something less (and worse).

Today, as you might have gathered, I went to watch ‘Mockingjay Part 1′ at the cinema with my family. When I heard the book was being split into two movies, I groaned, and to be honest having seen Part 1, I am still groaning. They certainly could have done the book justice making one movie! Saying that, I still enjoyed it. It was a good build up (much like ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1′) but there wasn’t enough action. I get it though, they are saving it for the finale, and what a finale that should be, even if we have to wait another year for it – I still really liked it though!


Today I also worked on my Strategic Management LinkedIn assignment – we have to make a substantial contribution to the question we are answering for our essay, in the form of comments on a LinkedIn page, responding to other students opinions and formulating our own arguments – and made a plan for the work I’m going to have to do over the next few days. The amount of work I have to do in the next 19 days is terrifying!

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Mail Bag

22/11/14 – 365 Challenge #326

Update to come

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The Forgotten Day

21/11/14 – 365 Challenge #325

Update to come

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Early Mornings

20/11/14 – 365 Challenge #324

I had another early start today, to get to Uni for an 8am group meeting. It’s been difficult to find times eight people are all free at the same time, and it seems first thing in the morning is the only available time slot. We got a fair amount of report editing done in our three hour meeting (and I got my hands on a front row Meet & Greet ticket for S Club 7 – and managed to sell my spare tickets later in the day!)


The afternoon was spent in bed, utterly exhausted from three mornings at Uni. I napped and listened to my audiobooks – I finished the first part of ‘A Clash Of Kings’ but now I have to wait for three weeks until I get another Audible credit!

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Holed Up

19/11/14 – 365 Challenge #323

I guess even I didn’t realise how tired I was, until I woke up at gone midday, and the preceded to remain in my PJs all day, reading and working on my tourism essay, which isn’t easy when you have to do the research whilst you’re writing it.

I received a few books in the mail today, one of which I was unhappy with, so I’m going to send it back and say no more about it. The other two were ‘The Bane Chronicles’ by Cassandra Clare, which looks interesting (although I wish it had a dust jacket) and ‘The Walled City’ by Ryan Graudin, which I won in a Mugglenet contest last week! I’ve heard some great things about the book on YouTube, and apparently it’s like ‘The Hunger Games’ so I’m very excited to read that!


This evening, as with nearly every evening for the next two and a half weeks, we settled down to ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and Gemma Collins walked. This annoys me for all the wrong reasons – seriously, she didn’t do anything!! I’m hoping for better TV moment now the moaner has left.


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Bring It All Back

18/11/14 – 365 Challenge #322

Today was another early start for me; I left the house at 7.15, bound for University and my group meeting. The traffic was appalling yesterday – it took me almost an hour and a half, a journey that usually takes half that time – but it was almost clear leaving 30 minutes earlier.

I arrived at Uni, bought a cup of peppermint tea, and sat down with a friend who was working whilst campus was still quiet. And then I waited.

Tickets for S Club 7 were due to go live at 9am, with the waiting room opening at 8.30. The link to the waiting room was broken however, so I figured I wouldn’t get any tickets come 9am. I went to my group meeting with the page still open, refreshed it and got through! I got seats right at the back of Level 1 in the O2, but still – I’m going to see S Club 7!

The meeting was relatively productive. I deleted and amended words in one section of our group report and offered a few suggestions. By 10am I was flagging though, but the meeting went on past 11. I decided not to stay for my 4pm lecture as our flat was being viewed by prospective renters four times today, meaning I couldn’t go and have a nap there, and I was exhausted anyway, so I went to Sainsbury’s and then drove home.


After lunch (tagliatelle, Innocent smoothie and mini cheddars, courtesy of my stop at Sainsbury’s) I went to bed and listened to audiobooks and fell asleep. Later I finished reading ‘Bared to You’ by Sylvia Day, which I was enjoying until about 100 pages in, where the story became predictable and repetitive. I gave it 3 stars.


I began a new book as I was (at that point) only reading two books, so I started ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins, which has had a lot of hype. This evening we watched Scotland v England, which England won rather convincingly 3-1.

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Good Girls?

17/11/14 – 365 Challenge #321

I had an early start today for a long day – a 9am group meeting, an 11am lecture and a 12pm group meeting. I left home a little later than usual, but still with plenty of time to spare (or so I thought) but I got stuck in traffic for 90 minutes, so I was running late.

When I arrived at Uni I logged onto ticketmaster whilst in my group meeting (I had Monday pre-sale for a certain mainstream artist) and managed to snap up two front block seats for a gig next April. The meeting wasn’t particularly productive, at least for me, as I couldn’t amend the work I had done until we had decided upon objectives for our business – hopefully we’ll get to that tomorrow.

I don’t remember much of what went on in the lecture. I really can’t pay attention when lecturers don’t use slides for me to visualise what they are saying, so I seemed to daydream for a large proportion of that hour. The only thing I seemed to take from that lecture was that S Club 7 are doing a reunion tour next year – ouch bank balance! My second group meeting was slightly more of a success, probably because the piece of work we have to do is formative (that is it doesn’t count) so we are all pretty relaxed on what we have to do for next week.

Back home I had received a couple of packages, one of which contained One Direction’s new album ‘Four’ – not a particularly inspiring title for their fourth album – and 5 Seconds of Summer’s new single ‘Good Girls’.  I’ve yet to listen to either, but it’s always nice to have something new ready and waiting for you.


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